tdjohnson (tdjohnson) wrote in whywork,

I hate work

Oh man, I'm sick of getting the run around on possible jobs opportunities. I really need to be working full time but every time I make contact with someone, they are all nice and tell me as soon as they have my resume they'll give me a call back asap to set up an interview. Unfortunately weeks go by and I never hear from them. I give them a call but I get the same thing every time. I'm sure I could get a job with a bank or a credit card company doing phone collections but I've got a college degree, dammit! I thought going to college meant that you were going to have choice about what you were going to be doing but so far I've been busting my face with fake smiles and wearing out my nice clothes for nothing! Tomorrow I'm going to a walk-in interview with USD Relay. The job will be for helping deaf or hearing impaired people make telephone calls to other people. With my resume I'll probably get a job but it is far from what I've envisioned myself doing.

This Dilbert strip is a perfect match for the mindless bullshit that I'll have to submit myself to if something doesn't come along soon.

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