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What a be-otch!

Today was pretty slow at work because of the snow that we had. But we did have a little rush. I was on the register, Claudia was making drinks. I didn't have any more customers in line at one point and Claudia had a few tickets waiting to be made, so I asked if she needed help. She asked me to pull a couple more shots of espresso since she accidentally knocked over the shots she had ready. I did, and got shots and flavors ready for the next few drinks. A few ladies came in and I told Claudia what I did and what was waiting and walked off. I started helping the ladies that came in and heard Claudia groan. A guy who was waiting asked what was up and she said "Oh, JESSICA just messed me all up!" I continued helping the other ladies, meanwhile, Claudia starts slamming and pushing the shot heads and pitchers around, making a lot of noise and dumped everything that I had lined up, about four drinks. After I helped the ladies I went over and asked Claudia what happened. She did not reply, so I started making more coffee and getting things straightened up. I then went back over to her and asked again what happened. She looked at me and yelled "JUST BACK OFF! DON'T TALK TO ME, JUST DON'T EVEN COME NEAR ME!"

Ugh, so I walked off and made myself busy. I was going to apologize if I messed something up, but not after the outrage, especially since there were customers around. She stormed off, slammed the back door and I could hear the office door slam as well.

I was so ready to just go home. It was only 9:30 though. Well, she gave me the cold shoulder for a half hour or so, and when she started talking to me again, I would walk off or not say anything at all. Finally she left to do some errands, I got some work done on the computer and then it was about time for me to leave. I left as fast as I could without saying much to her at all.
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