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An introduction...

Ok I am a Community Advisor for the University of South Dakota. If you know what a Residential Assistant is I am that but by a different name. For those who don't know what this position is, I am a baby sitter for the kids in the dorms. Creating many interesting stories. And here is an old story but I still find it amusing.

When the dorms close and the kids leaves for break the CAs have to check every room to make sure the appliances are unplugged and other such things. Well around 10 pm when dorm officially close for Thanksgiving break I started checking room. Nothing too interesting just random crap. Except for one of the last rooms. I had to check three rooms after this one. But that not important. I open the door and the room is a complete mess, no problem really my room is a mess, but these kids both used snuff, you know the tobacco that you put just in the lip. There were at least nine full bottles of this snuff spit in lieing around the room. Not only that they had five other open bottles of this spit. It smelled like crap. But they had all their electronics on and their window open. So I got to trek across the room and close the window. I then went to unplug their power strip which was on the desk top behind their TV. Reached down and I had a hold of the plug and I saw a open can of beer on the TV, a can of Milwaukee Light a quarter full. The thing is USD is a dry campus. So I document them for a judicial later to be held be the Hall Director.

A couple of weeks went by and I was going about my normal routine went to the front desk to check my mail and the Hall Director said to me, "I just had a judicial meeting with a couple of your resident, and it was one of the most interesting judicial I have ever had... they aren't all that bright." It turns out that they were generally confused about how the can of Milwaukee Light got in their room. See they gave the HD a confused look and said, "we have not had Milwaukee Light in our room. Bush Light yes but not Milwaukee Light." They admit to drinking in the room but not the type of stuff I found in their room. Brilliant

Mmm... I see the future leaders of the world on my floor
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Is this really so hard to believe? If the "leader of the free world" has to respond to a question from an independant prosecutor with the line, "That depends on what the definition of 'is' is," then is it so hard to believe that college students with lower i.q.'s (to be sure) are trying to get away with an open container? Really?
really it was not all that suprising because i could name at least 5 rooms on my floor that have alcohol, and that would have been one of them. i just wish that they had hid the container better.