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I realize my job description says communal bitch, but...

I realize that my job description says "communal bitch" on it, but that is no reason for you to take your crumpled, dirty dollar bills and throw them on the counter at me! Really people, just because I work at a coffee house does not allow you unwashed hippies to look down on me. And I HATE having money thrown at me. I am not some sort of dirty 4 Mile dancer, where you need to be afraid of contracting some sort of disease simply by coming into contact with me!

Can I buy you a wallet to keep those bills in? They would so much easier to count if I didn't have to try and straighten each one out before I stick it in the drawer. Oh, and while I'm on the topic, it wouldn't hurt to not yell at people who don't fill the cup to the point where gravity is holding the liquid in place, because they don't want to scald their hand with 155 degree coffee. Seriously. It hurts to have coffee spill on the back of your hand and still have to make it to the counter without swearing in your face for being a complete jag-off for wanting your cup filled so high.

Also, do we have to get upset when someone asks you to repeat yourself because we can't understand your marijuana smoke infested whisper? Next time you drop your bowl on the floor, it becomes my property, you jerk-off.
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