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I love coming back from out of town.

This weekend two people who absolutely hate each other had a little run in. It happened on Saturday night, and fortunately for me, I was out of town, so I didn't get any phone calls from either party.

The shift supervisor in charge, trying to flex some of her muscle, by trying to ask one of our two coffee roasters to stop roasting during the time when the musicians were playing. Considering the personality of the roaster, he basically told her to screw off. That went over well. It quickly turned into a "I'm in charge" versus a "Don't tell me how to roast" battle.

Both parties came in over the last two days, and it seems that Miss I'm More Important Because I Have A Title at a Freaking Coffee House is at it again. "I want to take my little authority and lord it over you because you don't have a title, therefore I can tell you what to do." Great. I'm glad you're such a humanitarian and care about everyone's individual rights (as long as we all fall in line to your bi-polar insanity). Look, it's just a job. It pays the bills. Take a valium and go unwind somewhere. Life is way, way too short to have a stick so far up your butt that you can't pull it out due to the stress. Please take next week, and do nothing. Take all of spring break off and come back refreshed. Or better yet, don't come back at all. Go somewhere and stay there. Really. Stay.
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