tdjohnson (tdjohnson) wrote in whywork,

Here I go again...

On Friday I got hired at CSD Relay as a communications assistant. It's not the most impressive job in the world but at this point I really need more money, hours and benefits. I then went and gave my current employer my two-week notice. This weekend I'll have to type up an official resignation of my position. She was really nice about it to my face but now it sounds like she was a bit irritated after I left. Who knows. I never intended to make a career out of working at a coffee shop part time. I really appreciated the job that I was given but I can't see myself doing that long term. Anyway, on February 28 I will be starting my second new job in just as many months. I hope I like this one a little more. At least I don't have to deal with people face to face and I get to sit instead of stand most of the day.
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