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That was a haiku (Redux!)

After posting these as a response to Nick's post, I decided that they went rather well as an independent post. As these haiku's are based upon my work "issues" over the last several weeks, and as I have not posted to this site for some time, I thought it would be appropriate to do so now.

(Too obvious, I'm still seething...)
Claim I like to work
Quit before a holiday
Will you still like me

(This one is too obvious...)
Give me lots of hours
Oops, need every weekend off
I have no money

(Dedicated to the "favored son")
Best employee here
Lick the bottom of my shoes
I do what I want

(...and he can "suck on it")
Said I wanted hours
Now my plans have changed o'er break
Cannot cover my shifts

(haiku to myself)
Do you like a fuck
Now take it three ways you bitch
Smile like you love it

Try this. Seriously. It's theraputic!
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