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The newest ex-employee

So we have Savannah who started in December. She's always had a bad attitude and is always complaining that she's bored off her rocker, yet she stands around and doesn't get any work done. And it's always some sort of illness with her. She complains that she isn't getting enough hours, yet the instant she steps foot into the building, she is on the phone calling around for someone to come work her shift for her because she doesn't feel good, or her voice is gone, or something hurts or whatever. Friday, it was her knee. She came in and said that she popped her knee cap off. She tried calling me, but I missed her call. Oh, darn. But another employee came in and worked for Savannah so she could go home. From what I hear, her knee was swollen up pretty bad, but I do know that some people who know they have bad spots on their bodies can do something to irritate it knowing that the swelling and pain will disappear after a few hours. Anyhow, she told Claudia she'd be fine by the morning and that she could open on Saturday like she was scheduled. Well, Saturday she called Claudia in the morning and said she was still in pain, so Claudia came in to cover.

Yesterday morning I was leaving Sprawl*Mart, when I got a call from Betty from her house a little after 9:00. Betty was supposed to be at work at 9:00. She was calling from her house because no one was there at the store. Hmm, Savannah was supposed to be there at 7:30 to open the business at 8:00. I told Betty I'd meet her there to get the place opened, and we would try to call for more help when I got there. Betty left a nasty message on Savannah's phone asking where she was. Betty also called Claudia who got there at 9:30. I left, then came back at 1:30 for my closing shift.

Savannah finally called at 7:55 last night to tell me she slept through her alarm, through the phone ringing and all the way into the afternoon and she was late for her other job as well. I think she was passed out, hungover.
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