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There are certain people one should never have to work with....

At the Cafe, at which I work, there is a woman who has a supervisory position, and she also works with the musicians that play at our quaint, yuppie cafe. She has a pet peeve, well several actually, and one that she reminds me of frequently. She hates coming in at night and finding things from the day list left undone. I'm not going to get upset about this, as I hate it as well, but there are constructive ways of dealing with problems, and, shall we say, less than constructive ways of dealing with things....

Friday morning I came in to open the Cafe at 6:30, the same-ol' same-ol'. Well, on the desk there was a note letting me know that the cheesecake had not been filled again. That should have been where she stopped, but she carried on, "and I'm going to leave it just the way I found it." Petty, thy name is petty. I realize it's difficult to be a woman going to college and working 20 hours a week, no, really, I think I understand. It's so hard to let me know that they weren't filled, so I could take care of it, or better yet walk the 50 feet and take care of it. (Thank you Nick! It's good to know people that are not petty.)

It must be so difficult to go through life thinking that the world, and everyone in it, revolves around you, for your own personal pleasure. God forbid that something doesn't work out absolutely perfectly. This isn't a perfect world, and we are certainly not here to serve your every whim and desire. You are not the perfect goddess you think you are. Grrrrr.
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