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Ok, let me get this off my chest.

There are certain things about my job that just piss me off.

One of the worst things is understanding that at the end of the semester I am going to lose employees. High turnover rates in my line of work are a constant. It's just the way it works. People come to Podunk, MN for college. Then they move back home (except for a rare few). Either way, I'm stuck in Podunk, and they move on. It is just sad when you have someone that has worked with you for a couple of years graduate and move on.

The hard part is, I never seem to get over the emotion that sets in with the moving on. I'm completely happy that they are moving on with their lives, starting a new life in new cities, etc., etc., etc. But that doesn't seem to make it any better.

I hate the end of semesters....
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